Abi Spring and TJ Norris
sim_park (network) - 2006
Plexi, glass, acetate

Adam Graves
Horizon #1 (Far is a long way away) - 2006
Whimsy #3 (The deeper message was lost
in the wash) - 2006
Oil paint on canvas

Installation by blinglab - 2006

Bonnie Fortune
Free Walking Zine - 2006

link to the zine
Brenda Mallory
Herd - 2005
Steel and cotton
Carolyn Zick
Cast clay – approximately 40 pieces
Ellen George
Stiletto - 2006
Polymer clay, 26” x 1/2“ x 5/8“
Gretchen Bennett
Mongrel Scouts (Coyoodle Decal Series) - 2006
Plastic decals, sizes variable
Gwenn Seemel
Over Grown Up - 2006
Text ©2006 David Vanadia, www.vanadia.com
Over Grown Up - 2006
Text ©1961 Betty Crocker
Acrylic on canvas
Hamish Grieve
If You Lived Here You Would Be Home By Now - 2006
Painting on wood (2006)
Harvest Henderson
Food for Birds (Lettuce Flower #2) - 2006
Kale, mustard greens, cabbage, cauliflower
Show and Tell (Precious i, ii and iii) - 2006
Glass, found materials, ribbon

Jacqueline Ehlis
Smooth Walker
Acrylic on metal laminated birch panel
Justin Oswald
Tree - 2006
The perfect tree
Collection of Marlyn De Vault
Marty Schnapf
the previously scheduled ELECTRIC SLIDE has been cancelled PLEASE FEEL FREE 2 BREAK dance - 2006
Cardboard, two panels of 4'x4’ each
Installation by Megan Scheminske - 2006
Michael Keenen
Pine Street
Shot and edited on Super-8 film
Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Tsunami Alert - 2006
Photograph, wood, blood
Paige Saez
At Last - 2006
Suspended - 2006
Cut paper, thread, stick pins, lampshades
Scott Wayne Indiana
Curatoratorial Statement