In Clover

in clo-ver: Living a carefree life of ease, comfort or prosperity

Curatorial Statement ………… Mt. Scott Park, Saturday August 5 th, 2006 , 12-7pm

Simply put, this is a fine arts show in a park. The artists involved in inClover have chosen for themselves the work they want to present and how to display it in the park setting. My goal has been simple: To gather a group of exciting, inspiring regional and national artists, and to give viewers a great opportunity to venture into Southeast Portland and experience gallery-quality work in a natural setting.

I am as excited as anyone else to see the show that results.

I’ve encouraged all of the artists in inClover to interact with the natural setting and think about the show’s short – one day! – run in deciding what to show here. My hope is to test barriers found in traditional gallery and museum settings, both from the perspective of the artist and the viewer.

Art events are often perceived to fall into two categories: 1) See-and-be-seen, overtly commodified affairs that can be snobbish and intimidating for those who aren’t numbed to the scene and 2) Family-friendly craft fairs with more emphasis on fried noodle booths, an acoustic folk music stage, and juggling than on actual art. As much as I love a good juggler with Bob Dylan covers strumming along in the background, and as inspiring as work in commercial art galleries can be, I find myself in need of a middle ground when it comes to the physical space where art is experienced: A space that is, perhaps, carefree, comfortable, and yet, conceptually rich.

inClover features both emerging and experienced artists, some of whom are showing experimental work just for this exhibit. Viewers are invited to wander in from any angle, weave their way around the show, and spend as much time as they like interacting with the work in an open space. Sit down on the grass. Stretch out. Enjoy.


Scott Wayne Indiana