Mark McCarter's report for the day

Updated length: Approximately 97 feet

It started off like a regular Saturday morning, slightly hung over from the Pabst (it just required me to capitalize that...I had no idea of the respect that Pabst Blue Ribbon demanded) consumption of the night before and a tad bit disoriented. Showered, brushed my teeth ect. Went and grabbed a cup of coffee from the commons, when my sister called informing me of her arrival. For today, was no ordinary day, hang over aside, today was going to be a grand adventure to Joshua Tree, to extend a chain, a metal chain, one that shall span the lengths of this nation. So my sister and her friend Noah (math wizard champion) rolled up in Noah's new Honda civic. I called up my friend Cody (Texan soccer player), woke him up and he came over to my dorm.

We headed to home depot where i used my easter money (ya, my mom gives me easter money) which subsequently was the last of money to buy 30 ft. of some bad ass hardcore chain. My sister bought me a corn dog, and we where on our way. We drove towards Joshua tree eventually stopping for Mexican food and hydration. We stopped at a small taco stand where this crazy man told us he wasn't supposed to be walking or thinking?? (don't ask). He invited my sister and her friend to come over and hang out (which they decline because he was a bit too crazy) while Cody and I ate some delicious food. I then bought some temporary tattoos of fairies for later that night. We then moved onwards, soon coming across Neptune Ave. The holy street that is the turn off to the start of this most glorious chain. We pulled up to a large rock formation (later named pride rock), and there lay a stake in the ground, a wooden one. It read Geo-Chain, the name Scott Wayne Indiana was inscribed upon it as well. So we got to work, there where a few complications with chain size
(cause i bought hardcore chain), but eventually with the help from Noah, the master mathematician problem solver we where able to fully extend the chain to its now massive proportions. Well not really massive, but at least longer. We then spent the rest of the afternoon climbing upon rocks, attacking one another like ninjas. We also looked at some of the installation art pieces that where scattered throughout the rocky land o' Joshua Tree. Soon it started to become late, and we hopped in the car, took some pictures with the tree named Joshua, and then departed back to Claremont to celebrate our accomplishments.

Ah, a great Saturday.

Mark McCarter