urban hike project

this idea is simply to invite you all to an urban hike. i have plotted the course for us. it might sound odd at first, but i hope you will push your skepticism aside, and come join me. the repetitive route is around one city block, and the distance is 10 miles. the starting point is on the corner of NW 29th and Raleigh, in NW Portland. look for the paper clips on the fence, next to the bus stop shelter.

i will be doing many of these. hope you can make it to one.

new dates forthcoming

this particular block is an industrial lot which consists of 4 blocks in a square. the skyline is interesting, and offers views of the fremont bridge, the portland city skyline, and the west hills. recently i walked around the block 4 times and i saw vastly different things each time around, and was really surprised by this. i look forward to seeing your reactions as we go for this hike. the documentation of the walk will be some photography, but also things to be determined along the way.

supplies: water, snacks, a digital camera if you wish, anything else you want.

the urban hike project is inspired by a number of things that relate to walking, meditation, and art. all of these things have been on my mind recently, and hence inspired me to come up with this idea. these things are, in no order:

cities and the urban setting, which continue to inspire me all the time
groundhog day - see "influences" in the wiki article
whirling dervishes - i happened to see a blurb about them on tv as i was formulating this project
andrea zittel's desert hiking club, the interlopers
ian reeves walking across two continents
brad adkins' covers of Francis Alys' walking art project, and also Michael Bowley's 1979 Walking in a Circle Until a Mark is Made

see also: this free walking site
and this one: in the weather (which also links to this urban hike)