Thoughts from Jay Derderian's Urban Hike, April 15, 2007

My evening started with driving up to Anna Banana's. I went up just to get some coffee originally, but ended up sitting in the basement for about 3 hours reading a book I found.

Afterwards, I went outside to go up to coffee time to see if I could get a chess game, but for whatever reason, I just decided along the way that I should keep walking. I ended walking all the way along 21st up to Burnside, then walked up to 23rd and walked all the way down to Mcminiman's near 405. During the whole walk, I made a mental note of how calm it was in this area for a Saturday night. It was weird. It felt like the whole place had been quarantined or something. I eventually made my way down to Raleigh and decided to hang a right and revisit our first urban hike block. A lot has changed there since I had been there last. Curiously, I wandered around the block to see how much has changed... and my suspicions had been confirmed; a lot indeed. My mind didn't really focus on one particular thing, rather just making mental notes of the little oddities I saw along the way. Various discarded cups, graffiti, a glove, new plant growth etc.