Thanks again for the hike, it was a grand time indeed.
I've been reflecting over the sheer amount of ideas and thoughts that we went over while walking and the ones that are most prominant are still lingering in my mind. The idea of the most minute details slipping past our field of vision is something I've been thinking about. After every lap, I noticed something new, even if it was just a change in textures of what I was walking on, or an entire hillside I didnt notice because I was going in one direction. I've been trying to notice the details and little nuances that make something unique, while simultainiously trying to observe the big picture. It's a challenge.


The idea of thinking about rules we establish for ourselves even in the most simple of tasks like, say, walking around a block 30 times. Just being aware of your options is important. Mind you, if you feel your path is in that direction, then so be it. I think its important to know you're not restricted to just one sidewalk in a city.
Realizing how good food tastes after walking a long time was quite a little revelation as well. I had no idea a banana or a cookie could be so profound.
I really enjoyed the meditative aspect of walking for such a long time. I had more thoughts about everying thing around me than I usually do in a week. I mean... I think... just, not that hard... I guess...
Thanks again for the experience. The seeds have been planted.