things i found amusing on the given day


january 22, 2012

portlandia, yes

the small arms, a great fun band from portland, oregon

grass hut, art toy gallery in portland

arbito, toy artist

Luke Ramsey, artist and zine maker

medicine for the people, band based in oregon and hawaii


kill screen


march 9, 2011 & my profile, here

kinect hacks

interview on rhizome with zach gage


september 8, 2010

philip glass: wichita vortex sutra

sea turtles

felicity fenton's digital landfill


april 27, 2010

kinematic mechanisms

waves in a box, by nahana schelling


april 18, 2010

escape from mt. st. helens


april 13, 2010

david foster wallace interviews

automaton blog

keith newstead


toybot studios

william h. whyte


april 7, 2010

pretty lights

stephen slappe

culture push

band of the lost (specifically, the star wars 7,8,9 mix tape.)


february 26, 2010

michael joaquin grey

cabaret mechanical theater

flying pig

arthur ganson

mccoy space


january 11, 2010


MIT Toy Lab

sebastien schuller


december 11, 2009



abstruse goose

magnetic movies


december 7, 2009

"The City That Does Not Sleep," by Federico Garcia Lorca, 1930

"Civilization," by Marco Brambila

The Vonome, by Alejandro Crawford


july 10, 2009

fiery cleric


june 12, 2009

freeelance whales

bishop allen


june 1, 2009

secretariat wins the preakness in '73 - check out the streak in the back stretch, crazy amazing

ziggy stardust in 72


april 29, 2009

ant stuff




april 1, 2009

animal collective - my girls

some electro thing

human league


sunday, february 8, 2009

the mai shi


friday, janury 30, 2009

timewave zero


monday, january 19, 2009

the ettes

the walkmen


friday - january 16, 2009

apple deaf


friday - january 9, 2009

coin op

gates of heaven


wednesday - december 10, 2008

ordinary show


monday - november 17, 2008

life with brett


thursday - november 6, 2008

pee wee on letterman, halloween in the 80's

O Superman by Laurie Anderson - this is my election special for you


friday - october 31, 2008

i am your daughter


saturday - october 18, 2008

revival - a video by john larson

art21: james turrell

auguries of innocence - october 2008 la chappelle opening at shafrazi gallery

time to pretend - by MGMT


saturday - august 9, 2008

spacemen 3 - hypnotized

material girl

doctor horrible


saturday - december 29, 2007



sunday - december 23, 2007

brett adams

white rainbow

TED Talks

Ze Frank on Scrabble - if you like this check some of his others

365 Sketch


saturday - november 17, 2007

mr. rogers talks to the U.S. senate


tuesday - november 6, 2007

Daniel Johnston on "the cutting edge"

9 months in 20 seconds

golden girls greatest moments

the facts of life intro


monday - october 29, 2007

home sweet home cover

bittersweet symphony cover - i don't think this is supposed tobe funny, but the aesthetic, the hair flips, and the whole thing is too much

last day of our acquaintance cover - ok, maybe i'm going bananas, but i like this one, kind of (wait, i watched it again and i don't like it), and it made me want to also share, again, the real thing (one day i hope to meet sinead)

smokin in the boys room - not a cover

weird fake axl rose thing - just weird

kermit sings creep - that's a show stopper, good night.



tuesday - october 9, 2007

pearl jam grammy's - is it lame that i post pearl jam links? just let me know.

somewhat fake report on cindy sherman - i think this is pretty interesting actually, although i didn't watch the whole thing.

the zaks - get past the opening song and it's pretty good

Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord? excerpt 2 - my new favorite youtube clip of all time. watch excerpt 1 first if you want, but it's #2 that really does it.

how do you follow that? with this: UNDO Animation - you think he dies at the end, i think he busts out. good night.


saturday - october 6, 2007

the horse project on youtube


wednesday - september 19, 2007

reverse graffiti - watch to the end when they spray it down. oh, authori-tay, why must you be so authoritative?


video by the black angels for "black grease" - great song

Liza Minelli - Some People

Streisand from 1963

a little fall of rain from les mis

hard knock life

your song cover - holy hell that dedication is awesome


tuesday - august 14, 2007

article about dash snow's nest - i have to admit, i like this.

patton oswald standup


saturday - august 4, 2007


wiremap 256 - rudimentary - homemade 3D projection setup

prisoners do thriller

brief clip of marilyn monroe - answering some questions

rodney king beating - and for some reason in a video game re-enactment

marc jacobs fall 2007 runway - do you love the hats? contrast/compare marc's show with junya's, here. i'm going to need a few days to ruminate before i cast my metaphysical ballot as to what i hope to see more of come fall.

wikiquote for mike tyson - i looked at this after seeing this video, which is crazy. (language may not be suitable for kids, or, maybe, for you.)

will farrell, chris kataan do air supply - this is even funnier after watching the real video, here.



friday - july 20, 2007

Lawrence Welk meets Velvet Underground - that's a warmup for this, a velvet underground documentary

modern romance by the yeah yeah yeahs


wednesday - july 18, 2007

sent to me - tricky by run dmc

beastie boys - so what'cha want

beastie boys perform with elvis costello


monday again - july 16 still, 2007

Unabomber documentary - i caught a PBS show about Lucy Parsons tonight, and even though Lucy Parsons was an activist and not a terrorist, it got me to thinking about terrorist acts that have occurred on US soil. The conspiracy theories about timothy mcveigh are kind of interesting. from my perspective, on the surface, it seems obvious that there must have been some other people involved besides the two guys who were found guilty. i looked at some other things too, but if this stuff interests you, you can tinker around on your own.

Unabomber's Manifesto - complete text


monday - july 16, 2007

"the cruise" - part 1 of 11. check them all out. speed levitch is an interesting character. in fact, i recall that one of the first things i linked to on my blog was an article about or by speed. the links at the bottom of his wiki are all worth checking out if he intrigues you.




wednesday - july 11, 2007

200 Dollar Car Project - my first YouTube video!!! Check it out.


monday - july 9, 2007

iraq for sale

andy dick and bush


sunday - july 8, 2007

sent to me - nirvana performs seasons in the sun

liquid dance the guy in the orange is wild

district 13 opening scene if you've never heard of parkour, check this out

smurfs - i have to admit, i watched this whole episode. not exactly sure whether or not there are explicit political and even religious parallels, but there must be something in there


saturday - july 7, 2007

DDR dudes

8 year old DDR player

Evel Knievel in Portland

the wiki on evel - interesting life. here's an example: While in Las Vegas, Nevada, to watch Dick Tiger fight a middleweight title fight, Knievel first saw the fountains at Caesar's Palace and decided to jump them. To get an audience with the casino's CEO Jay Sarno, Knievel created a fictitious corporation called Evel Knievel Enterprises and three fictitious lawyers to make phone calls to Sarno. Knievel also placed phone calls to Sarno claiming to be from ABC-TV and Sports Illustrated inquiring about the jump. Sarno finally agreed to meet Knievel and the deal was set for Knievel to jump the fountains on December 31, 1967. After the deal was set, Knievel tried to get ABC to air the event live on Wide World of Sports. ABC declined, but said that if Knievel had the jump filmed and it was as spectacular as he said it would be, they would consider using it later.

hacky sacker - this seems to go with the DDR clips. some of the others are good too, like this one. hacky sack seems like an ancient thing. having things horizontal to the ground has probably always been sort of inherently important? maybe?

routine traffic stop - watch and listen to all 22 seconds

classic pakistani comedy

waking life clip - ah, the always forgotten upside of existentialism


thursday - july 5, 2007

tunnel house

interview with mitch hedberg - also, if you haven't seen his standup, check some of those lcips too

rodney on johnny carson - he had an entire set of material ready for the interview. wow. johnny just let him go. i wonder how much longer he would have let him go. you can see he is really on a roll at about 2 minutes or so.

the wikis on rodney and mitch.


wednesday - july 4, 2007


NYC bike messengers - this is pretty rad. i choose the word "rad" carefully. i use it in a mid-90's way, when it was already retro to use it, but in the right crowds it was as though it never left the regular vernacular.

standup: arab american comedians - i watched all these clips last night. pretty good stuff. often deep. very political. someone commented, "very now. it's so now."

star wars meets boogie nights - now that's rad

wonderwall, cover - by oasis. i watched a few of these covers. several were covers of ryan adam's cover of the song. the link i have here is of the oasis version. i don't know about you, but this person, to me, looks like they could easily be the future of rock'n roll. i really like this. is that weird? SHE IS THE WINNER.

an original song! - by the rad chica who did the wonderwall cover. this is the first time i have linked to an original song by someone whose cover i was drawn to via the direction of YouTube. this one is going to be famous. where can i invest? she's a cross between that teddy kid and conor oberst. (i know they're both guys and she's a girl, but that makes it all the more likely that the world is ready for a girl to sing sad soft sorrowful acoustic songs for a change, eh? (just don't go stabbing yourselves in the heart ladies.))

note - there are people in the world doing this right now.

don't look back in anger, oasis cover - truth: when i saw this video in the first few seconds of the singing i realized and remembered the important truth that the music is not so much about about the singer as it is about the song. you know? throw fame out the window and sing the song. aloud. (on this video, if you can make it to the 4th minute of the song you'll see that this girl is indeed singing as though no one is watching.)

wonderwall, cover - or, maybe this is the next famous kid. hah. in any case, there's so much talent in the world.

when i'm gone, by phil ochs performed by ani difranco

brad - buttercup

pitseleh - i thought "buttercup" was a sad song. this one is sadder. "i could never be the puzzle pieces."

another lonely day - this one is a bit sad as well.

lost cause, cover - a song by beck. maybe the saddest song of all time.

day is done, nick drake - cool video, another sad song, sung with a mystical voice.

always a woman, billy joel

just the way you are, billy joel

elephant love medley, moulin rouge

good night

p.s. your song, elton john

p.p.s. goodbye yellow brick road, elton john

p.p.p.s. lastly - the way you make me feel , michael jackson - ah yeah. watch this again, for the first time.


monday - july 2, 2007

sent to me - chris burden and some of his projects, 1971-1975

stu ungar

1981 world series of poker - i actually watched all 7 parts tonight


sunday - july 1, 2007

sailing vocabulary - starting off with a non-video post here, but give it a chance, peruse the list. i think it's fun.

everything i do, i do it for you - anyone who watched MTV for a total of 20 minutes in the year 1992 saw this video, twice.

always look on the bright side of life

pink floyd - wizard of oz - clip 3 - beautiful. if you haven't heard of or watched 'wizard of oz' with pink floyd's 'dark side of the moon' to accompany it, it's kinda neat. you can actually do it on youtube, start on clip 1. also, here's a list of potential synchronicities that kind of helps to notice the little things, if you wanna.

the making of dark side of the moon - i didn't watch this whole thing today, only watched part 1, but might get back to it. looks interesting.

francis bacon on life, death, and gambling - also, this is an interesting clip of bacon's work too (don't forget to hit the pause button!) though as with most painting you really need to see his work in person. also, here's the extensive wiki on bacon.

an australian tv show's take on radiohead's OK COMPUTER - this show, chasers war, i think it's called, has other interesting clips too

tribute to the movie starship troopers - this is pretty good.

eddy grant - electric avenue - watching this made me curious about eddy grant, so here's the wiki on eddy grant


saturday - june 30, 2007

sent to me - marlon brando on larry king - the person who sent this to me added this: i've never fallen for the brando aura. his acting in apocalypse now, the godfather, and even superman seems labored, pretentious, and phony. the thing that i think he had that most actors don't, is an acute self-awareness. every scene he's in belongs to him and it's often hard to determine if he's mocking the script, the movie, the character he's portraying, or even himself.


thursday - june 28, 2007

lazy eye by the silversun pickups - again, i almost hate to admit it, but i'm hooked on this song

an amusing top 5 list - bizarro

cool trick - my grandpa actually taught me this trick when i was little, and so i do it all the time in retaurants - give it a try. (and how about that accompanying song, eh?)

lazy eye cover - so, the amount of time it takes to share something with the world, and for them to learn it, and then to project it back is now virtually a few minutes. seconds. i foresee a project in the near future where someone like david bowie will set up a contest where he plays a brand new song on youtube, and then asks anyone in the world to cover it and post their version asap. winners of the contest will be based on quality and creativity perhaps, but also on the speed of return. and for the distant future, it's easy to think of the benefits of this type of information transfer, but also very easy to think of the scary aspects of it.

lazy eye by the silversun pickups - another version

karma police, cover 1

karma police, cover 2 - watching this guy it just hit me, and in the context of the thoughts above, i am infatuated with these covers because, essentially, as cheesey as it might be, i do wish i could do what this guy does.

bill hicks clip - ever heard of bill? this is from 94. bill died before 9/11 and the current "war on terror."


wednesday - june 27, 2007

PHILOSOPHY DAY, and fran lebowitz

zizek on the reality of the virtual


wiki on semiotics

interview with fran lebowitz


monday, june 25, 2007

sent to me - smile contest - this was the show i grew up watching. it was mainly cartoons, but ramblin' rod hosted a studio of kids and they did the famous smile contests every morning. i always wanted to be on that show. well, from ages 5 to 8 anyway.

sent to me - the mighty boosh


sunday - june 24, 2007

sent to me - lidsville - bizarro

sent to me - shoes - bizarro times ten

beautiful cover

young folks - i have to admit, i like this song. a trend that will pass? who knows.....

che - brief clip on the beastiality of imperialism


friday - june 22, 2007

sent to me - leaping shampoo

david sedaris on letterman

apocalypse 2012 - list of ten indications that the world will have some trouble in late 2012


thursday - june 21, 2007

first day of my life, bright eyes cover, 1 - this is my new favorite cover. i love this kid, and the red car on the right and the boxes on the left and the garage.

video for first day of my life, bright eyes - ah, such a nice music video. (the people alone on the couch made me sad though.)

we are nowhere, bright eyes - when i saw this song on tv, i said, ok, i'll be a conor oberst fan too

"the mission" trailer

yoko ono interview

bicycle kick soccer goals - these clips make the bicycle kick look common. it isn't.


wednesday - june 20, 2007

sent to me - spiderman intro, 1977

sent to me - cocktail - tom cruise

sent to me - marcel duchamp fountain - SFMOMA

now, ok, my contest for you:

who's better?

a) we both go down together, cover 1, pink floyd poster - decemberists song

b) we both go down together, cover 2, striped shirt no eyes - decemberists song

c) neither - this one (include link)

email me your response: pink floyd, no eyes, neither - this one (include link) -



tuesday - june 19, 2007

trailer for "once" - looks to be a nice irish film starring the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, the frames

the frames - lay me down

two headed boy cover - song by the neutral milk hotel

two headed boy cover, take 2

miami vice - gas station scene, powerful stuff

johnny cash on little house on the prairie

no rain cover - song by blind melon. this is one of my favorite covers i've come across so far, and yes, because of those bongos!

matthew barney VS madonna - not sure what i think of this, but i guess it's kind of interesting

madonna on letterman in 94 - classic


monday - june 18, 2007

noam chomsky on the u.s. media - this is noam IN lebanon in may, 2006. wow. if you have never listened to noam, do yourself a favor and give him a few minutes.

noam on afghanistan - it's good too

whoopi goldberg on o'reilly - she makes some nice points that bill doesn't want to see from her angle

cyndi lauper's 'time after time,' take 1

cyndi lauper's 'time after time,' take 2 is that will farrell? no, but thinking about that question makes it funnier.

cyndi lauper's 'time after time,' take 3 - this is a classic piece of pop music video history folks

cyndi lauper's 'time after time,' take 4


sunday - june 17, 2007

younger jon stewart on letterman in 94

female comedians talk about life and comedy - i was totally engrossed by this and watched all three episodes in one sitting

bob dylan 4 part interview, 1986 - starts off bitter but then goes on to talk about fame, songwriting, and predicts that music will experience a big change in the next 4 or 5 years. (also, dylan always seems to be speaking in code, as if to say to listeners who might be able to read between the lines the following, "you really shouldn't be that interested in this."

wikipedia entry on visigoths - the late comedian linda smith referred to visigoths in one of he interview clips from the female comedy thing link above, on which she was very funny. she said something like she thought of her father as a comedian at a young age at the trainyards where he worked when he would cross out the graffiti, "vandals" and write in "visigoths." naturally, i looked it up on wikipedia.








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