Converse Construction 
by scott wayne Indiana


My creative process often necessitates the freedom to explore ideas haphazardly yet within a specific context.  This piece acts as a metaphor, bringing that process forward and exploring the stark, overt and loaded symbology of wood as a medium, especially at home in the Pacific Northwest, and for me as a fifth-generation Oregonian.  

I am also interested in the opposing forces at work in a stack of half burnt wood.  I gathered this firewood from several locations at opportune, sometimes unplanned moments, with a spontaneity typical to my creative process.   I had the opportunity to consider the domestic, industrial, practical and life-giving aspects of wood, lumber and forests as I gathered, stacked, burned, squelched and re-stacked each piece.  Some things aren't meant to be used half way.  For me, the action of pulling fuel from a fire and re-stacking it neatly invokes a subtle conceptual freedom.

I imagined that I came across a plot of ground where a house had burned down.   Amidst the black remains, all that stood was a chimney and this stack of charred firewood.  Or did I burn down the house, and preserve the firewood?

Special thanks to Harvest Henderson and Bruce Conkle for their assistance with the fire. Also, Josh Arseneau, a friend and artist who also had work in this show, created an image that he made while gallery sitting. I had to share it as well. He emailed it to me one day along with the words, "too damn hot." See it here.

Also, this piece was sold and installed at a private residence. The owner has agreed to document the piece over time. See images here.