Installed in June of 2006, this project invites participation from others to contribute to a growing chain that aspires to travel around the world. Aside from the political overtones of a new globalization and the idea of a round-the-world trek, the GEO CHAIN is a symbol for the last of the dreamers. The very act of traveling to the chain and adding to it is at once pragmatic toward the stated goal yet simultaneously absurd with regards to the overwhelming distance yet to be covered. The length of the chain does not matter as long as the idea stays alive. Therefore, the quixotic participants, who travel across the desert and add their links, effectively engage in a sweeping hopeful gesture, and momentarily contemplate the grand stillness of the living idea as it calmly waits to enter the giant expanse of the open landscape ahead.

39 feet of chain started this project, located in the town of Joshua Tree, California, near the national park by the same name. Documentation of the project can be found here, and directions can be found here.


Send lengths of chain to:
Robert Barrus
(Caretaker of the Geo Chain)
351 Neimeyer
Yucca Valley, Calif. 92284