Drum Circle Driving Range
Angel's Rest, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge
August 19, 2015

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All golf balls used in this project were made of wood and fully biodegradable.

Drum Circle Driving Range

Fueled by rhythms of the drum circle,
participants were invited to place a central focus of intentionality in the ball
as they launched it from the cliff. Mindfully stationed on the edge of a great precipice,
each drove away negativity
or planted a seed
in the Universe,
seeking a helping hand,
in some way.

NOTE: Over the years reflecting on this project I realize that I really missed an opportunity to have produced my own "golf balls" using
natural resin and wildflower seeds. I was intent on the mashup, drone coverage, and setting, and failed to see the forest for the flowers.

Project by Scott Wayne Indiana
Drone video: Clifford Paguio Jr.