old stuff from the basement of 39forks.com

conversations - conversational karaoke
darkness map - crowd source map of darkness
action figure - pre-3D printing action figure of friend
album in a day - rent studio space, gather friends who have never played together, make album
omgimg.us - experiment site allows users to riff off each other with images
digital empire - scale height of the empire sate building on your screen
do not duplicate - wheat paste and sticker
urban hike - walk around the same block a bunch and see what happens
i used to be somebody - old mac panhandling in front of the apple store in manhattan
rain artist - jean michel arseneaux makes art from rain
free love unlocked forever - 50 combo locks dipped in paint
the liz tayor piece - coffee table book turned art book
nachos project - gather people for conversation
coin op - photo-a-day in NYC + scattered traveling, january 2009 - june 2012